[Tex/LaTex] Suppress page number for a single page that only contains one large table


I have a large table that uses up the whole space on a page. Unfortunately, the table also covers the page number, which is shining through. I don't want to split the table across two pages, hence I want to suppress the page numbering for this single page. Here's my table source code:

        % lots
        % of
        % rows

I tried to place a \thispagestyle{empty} right before the table, directly after the table and in various other places, but without success.

How do I suppress the page number of the page that contains the table?

Best Answer

The behaviour you expierence is because the table is typeset first on the current page, so a \thispagestyle before or after applies to that page, but then it floats to the next page where it is displayed.

In order to make this work use the floatpag package with \floatpagestyle{empty} to make all float pages have an empty style or use \thisfloatpagestyle{empty} inside the float, i.e. the table environment.