[Tex/LaTex] Superscript in upper left to denote isotope in LaTeX


I am trying to denote a 28Si isotope. I used
$^{28}Si$. In the output, the chemical symbol is in italics, also there is an unnecessary space between the symbol and the nucleon number.

How do I get the chemical symbol 'Si' in roman, and the superscript and symbol a bit closer? I will use this code to denote a label in a Python code graph.

Best Answer

I'm not sure how nobody has posted mhchem, the canonical chemistry package! Straight from the manual, section "Isotopes":





I have some \ce{^{227}_{90}Th+} lying around.



(\ce stands for "chemical equation" and can be used in either math or text mode.)

If you're doing other stuff with chemistry, this is the package you want. Check out the docs!

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