[Tex/LaTex] Start placing figures on right-hand side column of first page


I am trying to use IEEETrans to write a scientific paper in two column format. The issue is that one is not allowed to place figures in the left-hand side column of the first page. Figures should start on the top of the right-hand side column of the first page or alternatively, on the second page (any column).
Is there any way to restrict the placement of floats to avoid using the left-hand side column of the first page?

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You can specify no top or bottom floats in the column. (The class ought to do this in its maketitle definition)


\title{My IEEE article}

\global\csname @topnum\endcsname 0
\global\csname @botnum\endcsname 0
\begin{abstract} \lipsum[1]\end{abstract}

\section{First Section}

As you can see in Fig~\ref{fig}

\fbox{A nice figure}
\caption{A nice figure}\label{fig}


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