[Tex/LaTex] Start a new chapter without heading


In the appendix of my thesis (using scrreprt) I want to start a new chapter containing a lot of large figures. For formating reasons I don't want the automatic heading, created when using \chapter{bla}.
However I do want the chapter to appear in the TOC and also I want the page header to show the chapter correctly.

So my question is, is there a way to start a new chapter without the automatic heading? I don't want all chapters to be without heading, only this one.

Best Answer

The chapter head is typeset by \@makechapterhead, which is a macro with one argument, while the TOC entry and the heading are direct responsibiity of \@chapter and independent of \@makechapterhead. If we temporarily redefine it to simply gobble its argument, we're done.


  \let\@makechapterhead\@gobble % make \@makechapterhead do nothing





\unchapter{No chapter head}

text: check the heading

\chapter{This is regular again}

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