[Tex/LaTex] Star/Wye electrical connection math symbol


I am writing lots of mathematics within electrical engineering, where I often need to specify which of two connection types I am talking about.

One is called Delta, specified with a triangle $\Delta$. The other is called Wye/Star, a three legged star with $120\degree$ separated legs, like in the picture below.

enter image description here

What I wish for is a way to inline with the mathematics write $\wye$ and get the depicted symbol the same way I get $\Delta$, but I am not very experienced with defining new symbols…

Best Answer

I made one leg a bit thicker, in the manner of \Delta.

Works across math styles.


enter image description here

Merely changing the instances of {30} and {-30} to {40} and {-40} will change the aspect, while scalerel will take care of the scaling automatically:

enter image description here

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