[Tex/LaTex] Splitting/breaking a long table from an input file


I am input a file in my main latex file but the table (inputfiles contains a table) is too long to be on apage. How can I break it on two or main pages.

\usepackage{longtable} %%

\caption{Grenzwertverletzung [st]}
st&  \input{file} \\

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Best Answer

As mentioned in comments, using the longtable package looks like the way forward here. Standard LaTeX tables are box-like objects that cannot be spit across pages, so you need something like



 Entry & Value \\
 1     & 123 \\
 2     & 456 \\


To deal with formatting, etc., we will need a full example of what you want and probably some demo data too. (The use of \input shouldn't make any difference to the situation.)