[Tex/LaTex] Special punctuation marks


Is there an easy way to render special punctuation marks present in some fonts, such as double question mark, double exclamation mark, or interrobang?

Also, is there a font (preferably open-source) featuring question comma and exclamation comma characters?

Best Answer

I sometimes like to use the Hoefler Text ampersand in the headings of my CV, even though my font of choice for the remainder of the CV is not Hoefler; I do this by adding the following to the preamble:

\usepackage{xltxtra} % Requires use of XeTeX or XeLaTeX
\newcommand{\amper}{{\fontspec[Scale=.95]{Hoefler Text}\selectfont\itshape\&}}

and using \amper whenever I want that special ampersand in a header (but \& when I want the 'normal' ampersand elsewhere).

Note that xltxtra requires that you use XeTeX or XeLaTeX. If--as I understand--you've found a font that represents the interrobang, double exclamation, or double question mark characters in a way you particularly like, but is not the font you're using in the rest of the document, then a solution like this could work for you, I think . . .