[Tex/LaTex] special hyphen-symbol to be used between capital letters


In words consisting of small letters, the - hyphen seems right. In words (abbreviations, acronyms) consisting of capital letters, the common hyphen appears (at least imho) to be placed too low and to be too short (and en-dash too long). Is there a "capital-letter-hyphen-command"? (And what to use as hyphen between small and capital letters?) MWE:

pole-axe versus CD-ROM versus FamouseMusicGroup-CD versus A-side

At least the hyphen in CD-ROM looks "wrong" to me.


would be possible, but I assume that there is already a solution to this, isn't it?


top line: -

bottom line: \capitalhyphen

  • pole-axe - is OK
  • CD-ROM needs \capitalhyphen (or the command to use in this case)
  • FamouseMusicGroup-CD neither - nor \capitalhyphen seem to be ideal, but - is acceptable
  • A-side - is OK

Best Answer

I would say the typographically correct thing would be to use small caps for all-capital letter words, for example CD-ROM would become \textsc{cd-rom}:

That way, the hyphen is aligned nicely with the surrounding letters, and the all-caps word doesn't stand out as much. This is also the solution suggested by Erik Spiekerman in his Typo Tips.