[Tex/LaTex] Sorting of author names like “von Beethoven” with biblatex


I wonder how I can get a proper sorting of names in the bibliography.

In the following example, "von Beethoven" is at the position "v", but it should be sorted as "Beethoven" under "B".



  author = {Volkmann, Albert},
  title = {title},
  year = {2005},

  author = {von Beethoven, Ludwig},
  title = {title},
  year = {2005},

  author = {Caesar, Gaius J.},
  title = {title},
  year = {2005},


\usepackage[color, draft]{showkeys} %Einblenden der Referenznamen in den Arbeitsversionen

\usepackage[natbib=true, style=numeric-comp, backend=bibtex8, defernumbers, useprefix, maxnames=99, maxcitenames=3]{biblatex}  % f¸r bessere Literaturverzeichnisse




citeauthor: \citeauthor{vonBeethoven2005} 

Citeauthor: \Citeauthor{vonBeethoven2005}




Best Answer

Don't forget that many options in biblatex/biber are per-entry so you can just add:

OPTIONS = {useprefix=false}

to the entry. Table 2 in the Biber manual and Appendix C of the BibLaTeX manual detail which options have which scope - with Biber, many options can have global, per-entrytype or per-entry scope. This actually makes quite a few surprising things possible.

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