[Tex/LaTex] Should you put citations before or after interpunction


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When I want to cite a source for a complete sentence, you put the citation before or after the period?

And if you cite for a word, or figure, do you put it before or after the comma?

Please bear in mind my citations are not superscripted, here's an example:

appropriate awards and punishments[4, p.415].


appropriate awards and punishments.[4, p.415]


when, on January 28[3, p.4],


when, on January 28,[3, p.4]

I have a feeling that for facts I should put it right behind the fact and before the comma, while for sentences it should be after the period, but I do not know for sure.

Best Answer

Until now, I have never spotted non-superscript citation marks after a comma or period. In addition, the marks should be separated by a normal interword space or a non-breaking space, i.e.

appropriate awards and punishments [4, p.415].


when, on January 28 [3, p.4],

See page 2 of this PracTeX Journal article for another example.