[Tex/LaTex] Should the p in p-value (probability value) use the math environment or \emph{}


I usually use $p$-value but I was wondering if \emph{p}-value is the recommended way to typeset terms with a one or more italicized character?

(Edit: Similar cases include t-test, t-statistic and t-distribution where the italicized character may also be used in a math expression; and n-type, p-type and k-correction where the italicized character is an abbreviation)

Best Answer

Absolutely definitely not emph

As \emph is for doing ↑↑↑↑ using (some) font change for emphasis. It may use an italic font, or it may use upright (if the current font is italic) or it may use bold or red (if the document class designer so chooses).

So the choices are \textit for text italic or $ for math. I think math is more appropriate and makes the p or t match the font used if those letters are used in an expression $t$-test .... $t=\frac{Z}{s}$ .... or whatever.