[Tex/LaTex] Replacement for picins, for wrapping text around some construct within multicols


Within the multicols environment I would like to wrap text around a makebox construct. The description of picins in The LaTeX Companion, 2nd ed., makes it sound ideal, but it's no longer being distributed with TeXLive and I'd prefer to use something in the standard installation.

I've tried wrapfig, but it does not seem to work inside the multicols environment.

I've tried picinpar, but it provides a box around the construct, which I don't want. [I fixed an earlier justification problem by adding ragged2e.]

floatflt is also not standardly installed, it seems.

For illustration:

\usepackage{multicol}   % allows multicols
\usepackage{picinpar}   % allows window
\usepackage{wrapfig}        % allows wrapfigure and wraptable
\usepackage{ragged2e}   % fixes justification problem in window

\newcommand{\lorip}{Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. }

  \fbox{Headword here},]
  \textbf{\small{\textsf{POS}}}\RaggedRight\textrm{. \lorip}

   \fbox{Headword here}
 \textbf{\small{\textsf{POS}}}\textrm{. \lorip}

picinpar first, with box; wrapfig second, doesn't work in multicols:
picinpar and wrapfig results

Any other suggestions?

Edit: I've fixed the earlier justification problem with package ragged2e.

Best Answer

If you don't like a box around the headword why do you put a box around? Just remove the \fbox command and your problem is solved. Just have a look at http://ctan.org/pkg/picinpar. There you can read that one should use the picins- instead the legacy picinpar-package.

Why you don't want to use the picins-package? Just because it isn't distributed with your favorite distribution? If the package is able to do what you want just use it! I think many LaTeX users have their own non standard packages repository which is filled with packages written by them self, friends, colleagues or by their employers. A lot of my LaTeX projects wouldn't play without adding some extra packages.

Feel free to use non standard packages!

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