[Tex/LaTex] Repeating part of document on every page


I want to create a document which has the following structure


Name, Date of birth, Address <——– This will be written by people (before the document is compiled) who do not understand LaTex and will be repeated on every paper.

contents …


Is this possible ?

Best Answer

Without a MWE it is difficult to guess what you are trying to do... Hope this is what you want.

With the help of \AddToShipoutPicture from the eso-pic package we create a "second header" in the document where to write the needed information.

\usepackage{blindtext} % just for the example
      \textbf{Author: }\myauthor%
      \textbf{Date of birth: }\mydate%
      \textbf{Address: }\myaddress%



\blinddocument % just for the example


Now the "person" just has to fill in the fields \myauthor, \myauthor and \myauthor.

For example, if you set (sorry, John...)

\newcommand{\myauthor}{John Wayne}
\newcommand{\mydate}{May 26, 1907}
\newcommand{\myaddress}{Winterset, Iowa}

you will get

enter image description here

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