[Tex/LaTex] Renewcommand labelitem doesn’t work with multiple languages


I'm having troubles with the bullets for itemize.
I need to have one part of my document in English and one part in French. Therefore I use:


then in my document I use when it's needed:


I also used in the preamble:


And the result is that in my list I do not have a bullet but a dash! And I would like a bullet.

Something I noticed is that if I only use


(so the entire document is in English) the problem disappears and I have the bullets.
But I need both English and French because of the word "chapter" and "chapitre" for example.

So does anyone have a solution to be able to use bullets for the lists in a document with English and French?

Here is a working example:





\chapter{First chapter}

This is my list :

    \item Value 1
    \item Value 2

 \chapter{Second chapitre}

 Ceci est ma liste:

    \item Valeur 1
    \item Valeur 2


Best Answer

That is french mocking about, try adding this


Basically french alters lists, but english does not (AFAIR). So we add such a switch back to english

Edit, to ignore french all together, use


enumitem is a very good package to know, the shortlabels option makes it a 1-1 replacement for the enumerate package.