[Tex/LaTex] Renaming the label of figure just in some cases


I would like to change the caption of Figure for Table, just on a particular case, which is when such a figure is a table. The last thing is about the position of the caption and its numbering. I want to put it on the top centered, saying something like "Table 2. XXX". I don't really need to worry about having later a list of tables or figures, just to let you know.

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You should provide an MWE in the future for the quickest help. The (at least) two ways of doing what you want, sort of:


% what you are asking to do (rename "Figure" in caption to "Table"):

  \caption{This is my table}
  <picture of table>
% The problem with this though, is that the number (e.g. "Table #: ...") will be
% counted as a figure still, so you really shouldn't do it this way.

% anyhow, to revert back to the usual "Figure" nomenclature:

% But, actually, you should just call it a table:
  \caption{This is my table}
  <picture of table>


Note the problem with the incorrect "table" number you'd get (well, it's technically correct because the number would be the count of figure environments, which you'd still be doing even if you rename the caption).

You should just place your image inside a table environment, as I show at the bottom of the example.

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