[Tex/LaTex] Removing the “ARTICLE HISTORY COMPILED (date)” from the latex of the article


I have written my article with a template that was provided by the editor. In this template, whenever you run the latex file, the compiled history will be written. However, now the editor has asked me to delete this. I have searched the internet and also have tried \date{} but no useful results are seen. The issue is shown in the following image.
Thanks in advanceThe image
The link of the template

I have found the command in the style.cls that brings this extra information but I dont know how to eliminate it from the cls file. The part that is written ARTICLE HISTORY is responsible.

 {\receivedfont{\bfseries ARTICLE HISTORY\\}\@received\par}%

Best Answer

According to the explanation in the template itself, you just need to supply the suppldata class option.


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