[Tex/LaTex] Remove blank page between list of figures and list of tables

double-sidedpage-breakingtable of contents

Please how can I delete the blank page between List of Figures and List of Tables?

I tried this:


but nothing changed. Here is my code:

\listoffigures \nopagebreak[0] \listoftables

I just want to delete the white page between \listoffigures and \listoftables.

Best Answer

I assume you are using a documentclass like book which implicitly contains the option openright as default, which in turn makes every chapter (and everything like a chapter, i.e. \listoffigures) start on a right page.

The command \cleardoublepage which is used internally will insert an empty page if neccessary to start a new right page.

On \nopagebreak[0]

\nopagebreak is not a very useful command in LaTeX. Don't use it; it will make your document markup inelegant.

Incidentally, the version \nopagebreak[0] you've been using has almost no effect at all; it might even create a new page breaking possibility where none used to be before.

But even the strongest version \nopagebreak (without option) would have no effect here as it can't counteract the explicit \cleardoublepage used to insert the blank page.

No blank pages

If you never want a blank page inserted in front of a chapter(-like thing) to make it start in a right page, the answer is easy: Add the option openany to the book class like this:


Avoid blank page only for \listoffigures/\listoftables

If you want to avoid the inserting of blank pages only for \listoffigures and \listoftables, you can achieve this by locally redefining \cleardoublepage to just mean \clearpage:

{\listoffigures \let\cleardoublepage\clearpage \listoftables}