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The command \footnote is really annoying me. I have to use hacks to use it in section headings, epigraphs, tables, minipages and whatnot.

Can it be fixed? Has someone already implemented a footnote command that Just Works™?

Best Answer

To get footnote in headings you can use either footmisc or simply the option argument of \section[without footnote]{with footnote}. But I agree with the comments claiming that one shouldn't use footnotes in a section heading.

With minipage (and tabular and \parbox and even \mbox) the problem is that they trap the footnote. You can either use \footnotemark inside such boxes and \footnotetext outside, or you can use the footnote package which offers a lot options to help footnotes escape E.g.

\section{title\footnote{a footnote}}

 text\footnote{in minipage} text


See also the FAQ: http://www.tex.ac.uk/cgi-bin/texfaq2html?label=footintab.

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