[Tex/LaTex] Relay communication Block diagram


Im trying to prepare a research note on the relay communication field,
I tried to draw the following diagram in LaTeX (TikZ) but I didn't succeed to draw it good enough…

Can anybody help me to draw the following diagram in LaTeX? The 'H's are bold for example

${\mathbf H}_0$...

enter image description here

Best Answer

I know I shouldn't do it, but if you promise to start studying TiKZ the day after your deadline ( ;-) ) you can use next code.



box/.style={rectangle,draw,minimum width=3cm,minimum height=2cm},
line/.style={->,shorten >=3mm, shorten <=3mm}]

\node[box] (source) {Source};
\node[box, right=5cm of source] (dest) {Destination};
\node[box, above right=2.5cm and 2.5cm of source, anchor=center] (relay) {Relay};

\draw[line] (source.north) -- node[above,sloped] {First Time Slot} node[below,sloped]{${\mathbf H}_0$} (relay.west); 

\draw[line] ([xshift=5mm]source.east) -- node[below,sloped] {First Time Slot} node[above,sloped]{${\mathbf H}_1$} ([xshift=-5mm]dest.west); 

\draw[line,dashed] (relay.east) -- node[above,sloped] {Second Time Slot} node[below,sloped]{${\mathbf H}_2$} (dest.north); 

\draw (source.20) \antena;
\draw (source.-20) \antena;
\node[right=3mm] at ([yshift=1mm]source.east) {\vdots};

\draw[rotate=180] (dest.160) \antena;
\draw[rotate=180] (dest.-160) \antena;
\node[left=3mm] at ([yshift=1mm]dest.west) {\vdots};

\draw[rotate=-90] (relay.-50) \antena;
\draw[rotate=-90] (relay.230) \antena;
\node[below=3mm] at (relay.south) {\dots};

enter image description here

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