[Tex/LaTex] reduce space at the top using maketitle


I'm using XeLaTeX for my document and want to style my title page. The problem is, that \maketitle make a large top space, my text begins ca. 10 cm from the top. How can I reduce this space? In the moment it looks very crimped at the bottom.

Here's the explicit code:


\setmainfont[Path = fonts/,
    BoldFont = akko-w01-bold.ttf,
    ItalicFont = akko-w01-italic.ttf,
    BoldItalicFont = akko-w01-bold-italic.ttf

\usepackage[ngerman]{babel} % Paket für die neue deutsche Rechtschreibung
\textbf{{\large Thesis}}\\
\ \\

Name Name\\
aus City

Matrikel-Nr.: Number

\ \\
\ \\
\textbf{{\large University}}

University long

University subtitle

Vorgelegt bei

\textbf{Name of the prof}

\ \\
\textbf{{\large company}}




Best Answer

Include the \vspace command in the title command, i.e. change the line