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Is there an environment (or macro for itemize) that shuffles all items randomly each time the pdf is generated?

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FWIW, ConTeXt supports this out of the box. Simply add the random key to \startitemize. (In ConTeXt, \startitemize[n] is equivalent to \begin{enumerate} of LaTeX).

  \startitem One \stopitem
  \startitem Two \stopitem
  \startitem Three \stopitem
  \startitem Four \stopitem
  \startitem Five \stopitem
  \startitem Six \stopitem

which gives:

enter image description here

The random seed is stored in the tuc file so that you get the same output each time the file is compiled (otherwise, multiple compiles can lead to an infinite cycle and you may not get all the references correct). So you need to delete the tuc file to change the random seed, and hence get a different output.

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