[Tex/LaTex] Putting \hat over first character of subscripted variable


I'm using a set of commands to define abstractions of mathematical notations that often occur during my thesis such as:


which would equal some distortion noise. This allows me to quickly change the notation throughout the document with just a change in one place and has proven invaluable so far. Now there is another command


which is supposed to put a hat over another symbol to denote it's estimated. Using this with single symbols is all fine but when using it with symbols that have a subscript, the following happens:


The left one is obtained by \Est{\DNoise} and the right one by \Est{n}_d which is possible but requires to break the pattern used throughout the document. The question is if there is a way to redefine \Est so that it produces the left result even when passed a variable with subscript.

Best Answer

A way to go is






$ \DNoise, \Est{\DNoise}, \Test{\DNoise}$

This produces this output


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