[Tex/LaTex] Problems with setbeamerfont


I'm trying to change the size of fonts in the title of my beamer blocks but am getting nowhere.

Here is a link to a ZIP file containing what you should need to seeā€¦ Too much code to post here. The problem is centered around line 28 of the .sty file:

\setbeamerfont*{block title}{family=\sffamily,series=\bf,size=\Huge}

No matter how I try to set the font size, it doesn't reflect any changes when rendering the PDF. The family and series seem to work just fine.

Using the beamerposter package, if that matters. Thanks in advance.

Best Answer

The \bf command you're using to make the font bold is obsolete and shouldn't be used anymore (see l2tabuen.pdf). The reason for this can be observed here directly: It resets the font changes you made before, so the size command (which is executed before the series is set internally) can't have any effect. Use \bfseries instead:

\setbeamerfont*{block title}{family=\sffamily,series=\bfseries,size=\Huge}

And please try to provide a minimal working example that is focused on your problem next time, i.e. something like this:

\setbeamerfont*{block title}{family=\sffamily,series=\bfseries,size=\Huge}
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