[Tex/LaTex] Problems importing reference.bib database to Latex file


I am currently having problems importing my .bib file to my latex file.

the bib file's name is reference.bib, it was compiled using JabRef and it contains the following

  Title                    = {Market Risk Analysis, Value at Risk Models},
  Author                   = {Alexander, Carol},
  Publisher                = {John Wiley \& Sons},
  Year                     = {2009},
  Volume                   = {4}

I made sure that the reference.bib was in the same directory as the tex file.

When inputing


nothing happens. Additionally, the font changes when I input the \bibliography command to bold blue unlike the \bibliographystyle that remains with the standard command font.

Best Answer

I assume you are using some editor compatible with LaTeX, and then it is likely that you can run bibtex by providing some information. In TeXnic Center 2, for instance, there are some values to set under 'Build -- Define output profiles...' were you can enter that bibtex should be used in this profile. Then, a LaTeX run automatically also runs bibtex. In other editors there should also be some option for that, but naturally its a bit different in all editors. You should find information about that in the editor documentation.

If you are working via command line you run bibtex as you would run LaTeX. A full run might look as follows:

latex <File>
bibtex <File>
latex <File>

The second latex run is necessary (also when you run bibtex directly via the editor) so that the entries in the bbl-file produced by bibtex can be resolved.