[Tex/LaTex] Problem with rotated pages (pdflscape package) and double-sided printing


I am using the pdflscape package to rotate pages with wide tables on them. This works fine, but there is a problem when I print the document in duplex mode.
Its a double-sided document (left and right pages, using the twoside option from the scrbook document class).

The right pages print correctly,
but the left pages (only those set in landscape mode) are printed upside down. How can I fix this?

Best Answer

No example supplied, so this is untested, but if you replace occurrences of 90 in a local copy of lscape.sty with

\ifodd\c@page\else-\fi 90

It might do something useful.

UPDATE In comments it seems that this works:

\def\myrotate{\ifodd\c@page\else-\fi 90}

You might need to switch to


locally in some environments, depending on needs.