[Tex/LaTex] Problem with foreign characters


I am writing a report in LaTeX from a LaTeX template given in my university. The text is in English but I need to have some Swedish characters there was well like ä, ö, å etc.

Now the problem is that I was initially writing the whole report in one single .tex file. But now I have decided that it'll be more manageable to have separate files for each section. I had no problems with the above-mentioned swedish text with the single file but I get the following error in the latter case.

LaTeX Error: ./intro.tex:29 LaTeX Error: Command \textcurrency unavailable in encoding OT1

Why am I getting this?

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The file is encoded in UTF-8, but you didn't declare it as such. Add \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} to the preamble. Seems that your editor used a different encoding for the subdocument files. Make sure to use the same encoding for the main file and all section files, and declare the encoding in the main file. Don't use the inputenc package in package files, they should be encoding-independent.