[Tex/LaTex] Position of cursor around brace when using auto-completion in TeXStudio


In using TeXStudio to edit my text file under Debian, I have a problem in locating the cursor while using the auto-completer to complete a pair of braces. There is a little box frame holding the place of the right brace, and the edges of the box cover the shining cursor when the cursor moves to one of the edges of the box frame. Therefore, I cannot distinguish whether the cursor is on the left or right side of the box frame. It is especially annoying when I want to delete a brace because I don't know where the cursor is at that moment. How can I solve this?

Best Answer

I use TeXstudio also. I don't know if this is what you want but:

Menu options>configure. Then you can edit your completion tools.

Disable the option use placeholders (or some similar, I don't use it in English). See the image below and the option above the field with 100%.

enter image description here

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