[Tex/LaTex] Polish letters ‘ą’ and ‘ę’ encoding


I have a strange problem with font encoding(?).
pdflatex changes the Polish letters 'ą' and 'ę' to '1.39a' or '1.39e'.

I use the following packages:


I did not modify (no updates, no new installations) my LaTeX distribution (TeXlive), but a few days earlier everything was fine. What is going on?

Best Answer

Don't redefine the command \k (probably you are using it in some picture code).

^^c4^^85 %ascii-alias for a with ogonek

\def\k{1.39} ^^c4^^85


And next time: Don't post code snippets. Make a complete minimal example. It is simply inconsiderate to waste other peoples time and let them guess around when your code could show the source of the problem.

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