[Tex/LaTex] picture showing all the lengths used in lists


I want to adjust the length parameters in a list (happens to be to make it more condensed, but that's not relevant). I do this infrequently enough that I don't remember all the lengths that are involved and have to look them up every time. But the references I usually find (via some search engine or other) tend to be purely descriptive. Being a very visual learner, I would find it much easier to remember if I had a diagram to look at (something like what is produced by the layout package).

Does such a diagram exist showing how the lengths fit together in a list?

Note that even if I were using a package such as enumitem to do the actual adjusting, I'd still have to have a reasonable idea of which lengths were involved.

(If the answer to this is "no" and someone draws one, or the answer is "yes, but here's a better one", then I'll happily add a bounty to this question when I'm allowed and award it to the nicest diagram.)

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You need the layouts package.



\item foo

enter image description here

enter image description here

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