[Tex/LaTex] pdftex.def Error: File logo-eps-converted-to.pdf not found


I am using the EPFL thesis template to write a LaTex document. I need to compile it using pdfLaTex. Also, I want to use these same template – I can't use any other template. I have many EPS figures which I am unable to include as it throws me the following error

Package epstopdf Info: Source file: (epstopdf)

date: 2014-03-22 17:37:02 (epstopdf) size: 1694

bytes (epstopdf) Output file:

(epstopdf) Command:

-to.pdf images/logo> (epstopdf) \includegraphics on input line 14.

runsystem(repstopdf–outfile=images/logo-eps-converted-to.pdf images/logo.eps)…executed safely (allowed).

Package epstopdf Info: Result file:

! Package pdftex.def Error: File
`images/logo-eps-converted-to.pdf' not found.

I have included the graphicx and epstopdf packages but to no change.I have installed MacTex packages and I am using TexStudio as my LaTex editor.

Is there a way I can include EPS figures without running into these problems? Please note that if I don't use this template and write a normal LaTex document these problems do not arise. I have also tried with other thesis templates and I receive exactly the same problem. I would like to find a solution for such a thesis template itself.



Someone has asked me for a piece of code. The zip file for the EPFL thesis template has a file named titlepage.tex. This file includes the EPFL logo (as PDF) within LaTex. I just need to include an EPS image. Here's the relevant code but it's a standard piece of code to include figures in LaTex. logo is the EPS image.

\begin{tabular} {cc}

I am able to include PNG, PDF and JPG images but I want to include EPS images for many reasons.


This seems to be a TexStudio issue (also mentioned here). It works absolutely good with TexShop. Strange!

Best Answer

You should check the source file which you run the tex. I had same error, than I realised that I copied my tex file from another file. so you need to look at path file of your pdf or eps extended figure maybe.


hope this fix the problem

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