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Is there a configuration (JSON, YAML, ini, anything…) file for pdflatex.exe? I find the following painful:

c:\ pdflatex.exe --shell-escape --enable-write18 --extra-mem-bot=10000000
--stack-size=20000 --synctex=1 --interaction=nonstopmode --include-
directory="C:\Users\hsmyers\Documents\Ultra Fractal 5\Formulas\" fn.tex

It also has the minor problem of an embedded typo that forces pdflatex to emit two stars ** indicating that it is waiting for me to type the file name sigh!

[Edit] This was using MikTeX 2.9's pdflatex from the Win7 Pro's command line.

Best Answer

Read the comments above for a description of how I got to the following as an answer to my question.

  1. Yes, there is a config/ini file. It is called pdflatex.ini and in my particular instance, it lives at "c:\Users\hsmyers\AppData\Roaming\MiKTeX\2.9\miktex\config\pdflatex.ini".
  2. I created it with a command line of "initexmf --edit-config-file=miktex\config\pdflatex.ini" NB. see @UlrikeFischer comment above, her invocation is shorter and works for her...
  3. I added the following to the file: main_memory=2000000,EnableWrite18=p ,extra-mem-bot=10000000,stack-size=20000
  4. And then ran pdflatex again adding --shell-escape to the command line.

And as they say, "that worked for me!"

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