[Tex/LaTex] PdfLatex Compiling does not stop


A few weeks ago , I started using Basic Miktex with TexMaker , everything was working fine (even tho compiling used to take minutes !) .
I uninstalled Basic Miktex and TexMaker and downloaded Complete Miktex then TexStudio , but now when I try to compile even the minimal latex code :
Minimal Tex Code

It says that compilation started but nothing happens no matter how much I wait , my pc starts heating in the process as if the compilation's crashing and doesn't stop until I force its abortion :

My settings seem normal :


Any idea where the problem might be ?
(My pc is strong and fast , windows 10)

Best Answer

I found the source of the problem .

When I installed Complete MikTex , I did not properly delete all old Miktex files which probably triggered some compatibility issues resulting in an infinite loop when attempting to compile .