[Tex/LaTex] PDF viewer with dual page option


I wonder if there is a viewer, or a whole TeX package allowing me to display two pages side by side. I have two big monitors and I cannot use them effectively now. PCTEX comes close but not quite – it has a DVI viewer, which creates a lot of problems with embedded figures. I have Texworks and Texstudio installed, and they cannot do that.

I am running Win 7.

Best Answer

Apart from the fact that I use SumatraPDF and I'm completely satisfied with it (I suggest it to you, it has the feature you've mentioned and many others), TeXMaker built-in viewer supports this feature, if you like this feature to be built-in.

Note that TeXMaker is not much different from TeXStudio, which is a fork of it.

To enable this feature in TeXMaker, just click on the 'eye' button and select 'Two Pages' as you can see in the following image. That's it.

enter image description here