[Tex/LaTex] pdf/a: Width information for rendered glyphs is inconsistent


Have there been any advances to create a valid pdf/a-1b from LaTeX including math fonts? I get the following error from preflight in Adobe Acrobat Pro: Width information for rendered glyphs is inconsistent for the document (TeXLive 2011 and PDFLaTeX):






For this to run, a sRGB profile is needed which can be downloaded here.
Rename it to sRGBIEC1966-2.1.icm.

Next to fixable errors (e.g. no metadata supplied), I get the error for either MnSymbol or mdsymbol. Is there something to be done in the mf source code? Any other advice? Unfortunately, Acrobat cannot fix this issue.

Best Answer

I cannot provide an LaTeX-based answer, but I tried the new Acrobat Reader XI in order to get a fully valid pdf/a-1b document from your MWE. Et voilĂ , it worked well, the pdfwidth information for rendered glyphs was also fixed. One drawback though, in comparison with Acrobat Reader 9 the generated files seem to get larger.