[Tex/LaTex] Overlay symbol with another


Is it possible to overlay a symbol with another?

I want to write an equal sign with a question mark overlayed (or the other way around).

Note I don't want


I want the question mark to be right on top, to cross over the equal sign (which creates kind of a new sign).

Is this possible? How? Or is there a one character sign for this?

Best Answer

You can overlay the symbols the following way: Box the wider one and let the other one lap over it (using \rlap or \llap). The correct centering is achieved by placing the second character into a box with the equal width but using \hss to center it. The correct size for the different math modes can be adjusted using \mathchoice.

    \rlap{\hbox to \wd0{\hss?\hss}}\box0


$ A \qeq B $

$ A = B $

\[ A \qeq B \]
\[ A = B \]

$ S_{ A \qeq B } $

$ S_{ A = B } $

$ S_{S_{ A \qeq B }} $

$ S_{S_{ A = B }} $