[Tex/LaTex] Outlined characters


How could I produce characters which are outlined when the character itself is in some color. A picture to illustrate what I'm after:
enter image description here

The problems with the above are that:

  • the outline is of no consistent width around the letter.
  • the way I've done it (using tikz with a upscaled black node below the colored one), there is no easy way to control the width of the outline.

Do you know of a way to accomplish this with TeX? I am using plain-format with XeTeX, but I'm interested in all ways to accomplish this.

Best Answer

The pst-text package can do this.


  \pscharpath[fillstyle=solid,fillcolor=magenta!50]{\RM TeXnik}

Perhaps you can migrate this to plain (Xe)TeX.

enter image description here