[Tex/LaTex] On using beamer’s colors in a Tikz picture


For once, my question is short and simple:
How do I use a beamer defined color in a tikz picture.

For instance, as beamer's documentation states, using beamer's colors is done as follows:

This text is {\usebeamercolor[fg]{alerted text} alerted}.
The following box uses the fore- and background of frametitles:
   \colorbox{bg}{Frame Title}

I would like to use the background color of the titleframe to fill an arrow shape as follows:

  \node[fill=\color{bg},single arrow] at (0,0) { };

Anyone has a clue? I'm being scold by xcolors:

! Argument of \XC@col@rlet has an
extra }.

Best Answer

TikZ can use the color names provided by \usebeamercolor directly, you don't need to pass them to \color{...} first. Simply use color=fg for the foreground color, color=bg for the background, and so on:


\frametitle{A Frame}
  \fill [fill=fg] (0,0) circle [radius=2cm];
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