[Tex/LaTex] ny way to type LaTeX code directly into the text boxes Inkscape


I use Inkscape on Windows 7 platform. The principle to enter integrals and other mathematical symbols in Inkscape seems that the best thing to do and write them in a LaTeX compiler and cut them in Adobe PDF and paste it into Inkscape as figures.

Seems to be how you make pictures like this in Inkscape:

enter image description here

Is there any way to type LaTeX code directly into the text boxes Inkscape?

I know this question is ultópica but it never hurts to try.

Best Answer

Here an Inkscape answer (summarizing the comments and some additional info). There are two ways to include LaTeX input.

  1. Use the PDF+LaTeX export built into Inkscape

    Advantage: Built-in, text stays editable

    Disadvantage: Tex code can be typed but is not rendered, hence you may need to adjust the x,y positioning values later in your document --> annoying. Further, no line break is supported and you need to add a parbox or minipage or something later manually

  2. Get the textext plug-in for Inkscape

    Advantage: Render the code directly in you Inkscape document, including line breaks etc.

    Disadvantage: Text becomes a SVG picture and can not be edited outside of Inkscape. No problem within Inkscape of course (objects can be edited by selecting them and using the Extensions->Textext menu item). This means after exporting and including the PDF in your document scaling your graphic will cause the text to scale too --> Possibly undesired effects

    Installation details for textext:

    Get the Inkscape plugin textext from here.

    Installing it was a bit tricky for me (Inkscape 0.48). Installation instructions can be read here.

    First I placed the extension files in the ~/.config/inkscape/extensions folder.

    Then I installed Pstoedit via the Ubuntu package manager

    After that I was presented with an Error from some python modules. This blog post solved it for me: Blogpost

    After that I was able to select Extensions->Textext from my Inkscape menu bar. In the box that pops up type you LaTeX code just like you would in a normal document. You can specify a preamble file. I'd include any packages affecting the font in your document as the result is a SVG image of you TeX input, meaning that the font will not change if you decide to change your LaTeX-preamble at some point