[Tex/LaTex] Numbering of subsections in the appendix


I am trying to write an appendix where:

  • The appendix is considered as a section, and has the title "appendice"
  • Subsections are numbered with letters (it does it for sections by default)

However, I can't get the appendix to be called anything, neither have I succeded in modifying the default numbering.

Best Answer

Would anything like this example match your needs?




\subsection{Appendix Subsection}

\subsection{Another appendix Subsection}

Here's how it looks like: enter image description here

If I understood correctly, you do not want to use any other \section than for the headings "Appendix" in itself, so a solution is to use \section* at this place and modify the command that issues subsection numbers by deleting the section number (otherwise you would get .A, .B,...) and printing the subsection counter in capital alphabetic form: this is what the


line does.