[Tex/LaTex] Not independent Sign in Latex


I want to do the not independent sign in latex without having to install or define new commands (since I am using latexIT and I cannot load new packages).

Currently I use the following sign for independent:


What can I use for X not independent of Y? I.e., something like this: enter image description here?

Best Answer

Without packages/commands, here's one option:

enter image description here

$X \not\!\perp\!\!\!\perp Y$

You might be better off considering using the centernot package for negating the symbol. And, if you can't load new packages, copy the required code like below:

enter image description here


% Taken from http://ctan.org/pkg/centernot



$A \notindependent B^{C \notindependent D^{E \notindependent F}}$

$A \independent B^{C \independent D^{E \independent F}}$