[Tex/LaTex] Non-bitmapped “thumb up” symbol for flagging “good practice” tips


I want to use a "thumb up" symbol, to flag a "good practice" tips in my document. Table 244 in the Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol list shows that the dingbat package provides the following:

enter image description here

However, the symbol is bitmapped and doesn't render well when zoomed in on, which I dislike:

enter image description here

Do you know of a similar, non-bitmapped symbol? Otherwise Feel free to suggest an alternative symbol that conveys the same meaning.

Best Answer

A free SVG version can be found on Wikimedia: Symbol thumbs up. The file Symbols_thumbs_up.svg can be converted with Inkscape to PDF like in this answer:

inkscape --export-pdf=Symbol_thumbs_up.pdf Symbol_thumbs_up.svg

The white margins can be removed by pdfcrop:

pdfcrop Symbol_thumbs_up.pdf

The result is Symbols_thumbs_up-crop.pdf.

In LaTeX it can be included, mirrored and resized by package graphicx with a driver that supports PDF. Otherwise it can be converted to EPS via pdftops of xpdf or poppler:

pdftops -eps Symbols_thumbs_up-crop.pdf Symbols_thumbs_up.eps

LaTeX example that defines \LeftThumbsUp and \RightThumbsUp:



  \LeftThumbsUp    & \verb|\LeftThumbsUp|\\
  \RightThumbsUp   & \verb|\RightThumbsUp|\\
  \LeftThumbsDown  & \verb|\LeftThumbsDown|\\
  \RightThumbsDown & \verb|\RightThumbsDown|