[Tex/LaTex] Non-abbreviated author name in biblatex


I write my thesis using biblatex for bibliography (JabRef for bibliography database) and need to cite an author, that don't have first name and last name, but has name and toponymical nickname.

I have a following entry in .bib file:

    Title                    = {Vertograd mnogocvetnyj},
    Author                   = {Simeon Polockij,}, 
    Date                     = {1996-2000},
    Location                 = {Koln, Wemar, Wien},
    Publisher                = {Bohlau},
    Year                     = {1996 - 2000},
    Editor                   = {by Anthony Hippisley a. Lydia I.~Sazonova. With a Foreword by Dmitrij S.~Lihačev.},
    Language                 = {english},

In JabRef I see the authorname displayed correctly (Simeon Polockij. Vertograd mnogocvetnyj). But when building bibliography the "," in the end of the name is removed, and the authorname is proceeded in a usual way, and I get "Polockij S. Vertograd mnogocvetnyj", what is totally incorrect.



\setmainfont[Ligatures={TeX,Historic}]{Times New Roman} 
\setsansfont{Comic Sans MS}                    
\setmonofont{Courier New}

\usepackage[backend=biber,style=gost-numeric, bibencoding=utf8,sorting=none,maxcitenames=2,]{biblatex}

I cite one of the main sources of my research here \cite{simeon}


How to force biblatex not to abbreviate the second part of author name, to get something like "Simeon Polockij. Vertograd mnogocvetnyj. Ed. by Anthony Hippisley a. Lydia I. Sazonova. With a Foreword by Dmitrij S. Lihačev. Bohlau, 1996 – 2000

Best Answer

Try the following .bib file:

  Title                    = {Vertograd mnogocvetnyj},
  Author                   = {{Simeon Polockij}},
  Editor                   = {Hippisley, Anthony and Sazonova, Lydia I.},
  Publisher                = {Bohlau},
  Year                     = {1996\,--\,2000},
  Foreword                 = {Lihačev, Dmitrij S.},

  Langid                   = {english},
  Location                 = {Koln, Wemar, Wien}

Also add autolang=other to your biblatex options.