[Tex/LaTex] Nomenclature, acronym or glossary


This isn't a technical or LaTeX code question, but more of a "what should I be using for X?" question.

I am writing up my PhD. It is an Engineering PhD and I have mostly abbreviations (i.e. Particulate Matter = PM, On-board Diagnostics = OBD, that sort of thing) And there are also a few symbols (e for the charge on an electron and the usual array of greek letters found in formulae).

I haven't really been advised otherwise but these are all in one big Nomenclature list placed before my first chapter, built using:


I wondering if that is actually the correct way to do things? Should I be having a separate list for abbreviations/acronyms?

if so do I just add the acronym package? can I use just one package to do both?

Best Answer

Having abbreviations and symbols in the same list would be confusing. Elad Den already showed one way to set it up with nomencl, here's an example with glossaries:

\newacronym{egr}{EGR}{Exhaust Gas Recirculation}
\newacronym{doc}{DOC}{Diesel Oxidation Catalyst}
\newglossaryentry{sigma}{type=symbols,name=$\sigma$,sort=sigma,description={Surface tension}}
\newglossaryentry{Mw}{type=symbols,name=$M_w$,sort=Mw,description={Molar mass}}
\newglossary{symbols}{sym}{sbl}{List of Symbols}
\gls{egr} is a technique. \gls{doc} is a catalyst. \gls{sigma} can be used in calculations, \gls{Mw} as well.

I used this setup in my master thesis and think it worked great.


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