[Tex/LaTex] No page breaks before bibliography


I am writing a thesis, where I am using book class.

I use \include to include different chapters in my thesis.

Within each chapter, I have a \bibliography{referenceschapter1} and so on..The bibliography class that I use is: unsrt and I am using BibTex.

Everything goes well, but the bibliography starts on a new page within each chapter.

But, I want to start the bibliography immediately at the end of the chapter, so "Without clearing the page". I tried \let\clearpage\relax, but it seems not to work.

Can anyone help?

Best Answer

Typically a \bibliography in a class that provides chapters are set as a chapter. Since you're using book, this seems to be the case. A local redefinition to use \section instead of \chapter might be a feasible option.

In your preamble, add

\let\oldbibliography\bibliography% Store \bibliography in \oldbibliography
  \let\chapter\section% Copy \section over \chapter
  \oldbibliography{#1}}}% Old \bibliography

which provides a local redefinition of \chapter to \section whenever you call \bibliography.

biblatex provides an easier interface to change this, if you ever need it.