[Tex/LaTex] Navigate a TeX code using emacs


Are there useful navigation shortcuts in emacs when editing a TeX source? For example jump to the beginning/end of section, or similar thing for environment, etc.

C-v and M-v are too coarse, and I am looking for smarter navigation tips. Something in the spirit of C-M f and C-M b which jump over balanced braces.

Best Answer

If you use AucTeX, with outline minor mode turned on, you get a series of useful key-bindings, including (C- = Ctrl-):

C-c @ C-n   Move to next heading (at any level)
C-c @ C-p   Move to previous heading (at any level)
C-c @ C-f   Move Forward to next heading at the same level
C-c @ C-b   Move Backward to previous heading at the same level

(A quick look at the AucTeX Reference Card will get you started.)