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I've spend hours already trying to get natbib running. Im using Texmaker on Windows XP and just cannot find the problem:

  • I made sure the link to the .bib file is correct
  • I changed the bibliography style to a "natbib" compatible one
  • I'm compiling document, bibtex, document, document

So is there maybe any problem with my code?

\setlength{\parskip}{1.15ex plus 0.4ex minus 0.2ex}
\usepackage[left=4cm, right=2cm, top=1cm, bottom=1cm, includeheadfoot]{geometry}


For 2011, OECD reports...  \citet{oecd11}


Best Answer

Your file runs pproperly with me if:

remove .bib extension from the bibliography file

and RUN:





in this sequence.

enter image description here

If it is not working for you, you may check the log file generated by bibtex. (Have you defined the bibtex key oecd11 in your bibtex entry?) You may also post your bibtex entry along with MWE.

PS. Since you did not provide the .bib file, I used another one.

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