[Tex/LaTex] Moving the date in amsart


I am using the amsart documentclass. I use \maketitle at the beginning of my file:


The problem is that amsart places the date in a footnote at the bottom of the first page, and I want the date to appear at the top of the page, under the author (where the date would appear using the article documentclass). Is there a way to change this behavior?

Best Answer

A simpler way to patch the \maketitle command in amsart is

  {\ifx\@empty\@date \else {\vskip3ex \centering\footnotesize\@date\par\vskip1ex}\fi
  {\ifx\@empty\@date\else \@footnotetext{\@setdate}\fi}

The spirit is just the same as Schweinebacke's answer, but this code doesn't require to copy the entire definition of \@maketitle and \@adminfootnotes.