[Tex/LaTex] Missing \scriptstyle and \scriptscriptstyle letters with libertine and newtxmath


I have manually installed the newtx package to TEXMFLOCAL (with admin rights), placing everything into the appropriate folders in TEXMFLOCAL/fonts/ and TEXMFLOCAL/tex/latex, and running updmap-sys --enable Map=ntx.map and texhash. And everything seems to work fine.

However, it seems like I am missing \scriptstyle and \scriptscriptstyle sized letters in math mode (which is very noticable when I am trying to write fractions, etc.):
Missing scriptstyle sized letters!

I am only getting g, v, and y!

Here is my MWE:


\usepackage[nf]{libertine} % Disable osf in math
\usepackage[T1]{fontenc} % only encoding that works with Libertine

\usepackage[scr=rsfso]{mathalfa} % Differently defined script font
\usepackage{bm} % load after all math to give access to bold math





Best Answer

Just to close this question: TeXlive 2012 fixes the above problem, and you should just update to it instead of installing newtx by hand.