[Tex/LaTex] Missing mathtools.sty


I'm really new to LaTeX and am having a problem with mathtools.sty. I am using MikTeX and Texmaker.

When I try to create the pdf (compile?) it gives me the error:

! LaTeX Error: File `mathtools.sty' not found.Type X to quit or
to proceed,or enter new name. (Default extension: sty)Enter
file name:! Emergency stop. \usepackage

I looked this problem up on Google, and found a thread on this place. It said to open the Package Manager and download it there. I opened the Package manager, downloaded mathtools from it by pressing the "+". After doing this it still comes up with the same error, that mathtools.sty is missing.

I have tried reinstalling everything and still nothing works.

I really hope you can help and explain in a simple manner, so that even I can understand 🙂

Best Answer

Did you launch MiKTeX Package Manager as administrator? That might explain. Always run as administrator if you want a system-wide installation (for any user).

Double-clicking on + installs the package, right-clicking on + only selects the package for further installation, this lets you select several packages then install them in a single stroke instead of one after the other. To install you have to right-click on the mathtools line and select install, or click on the Tasksmenu and select ‘Install’. That's all.

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