[Tex/LaTex] Missing Letters when importing .eps files from Chemdraw


I am using TexShop (Version 3.42) to write Chemistry documents. I draw chemical structures in ChemDraw and import the .eps files.

Since I recently bought a new computer imported chemical structures are missing the capital letters. The structures are imported, but Ir becomes r, Me -> e and N disappears completely.

When compiling an older document that used to work just fine I get the same missing letters.

The only error I can find in my console is "/usr/texbin/dvips: Font Helvetica used in file images/xd262223.eps is not in the mapping file."

    \documentclass[11pt, oneside, english, ngerman]{scrreprt}       
\usepackage[section]{placeins}      \usepackage{chemmacros}
natbib=true, backend=bibtex, style=chem-acs] {biblatex}
\usepackage[journal=rsc, tracking=bpchem]{chemstyle}

\title{Chemie \\
\author{Xaver Dingeldoo}
\publishers{Universit\"at Heidelberg}



Does anyone have an idea how I can fix this? Any help is appreciated.

Best wishes xd

Best Answer


so as an additional information I was using Latex. The option to embed the fonts in the eps file is apparently not offered by ChemDraw. The fact that Helvetica is a standard font does not speak against replacing it but it means that if one font of any should work it's this one.

When trying to use Nicola's suggestion with eps2eps it didn't work, however while looking through why I stumbled upon the option between Ghostscript and Apple Distiller. Switching from Ghostscript to AppleDistiller actually solved my problem. The console still tells me that the fonts are not in the mapping file but later it apparently can use them. The code look the following:

/usr/texbin/dvips: Font Helvetica used in file images/ps006pro.eps is not in the mapping file.
/usr/texbin/dvips: Font Helvetica used in file images/pyr.eps is not in the mapping file.
<./images/logo.eps>] [2] [3] [4<./images/ps006pro.eps><./images/pyr.eps>] 

It took me some time to answer this question because now Chemnum stopped numbering compounds, however this was due to a version change that required some new code.

Thanks for the help, and if anyone knows why the change to Apple Distiller helped I would be curious to know (even though the problem in my case is solved).

Best wishes xd